Wednesday, February 25

Cookie Carnival - February Challenge

From the Clean Plate Club

Here is my effort, mind you it's a little tricky in Australia to get the dried cherries and toffee bits. So I used cranberries and werther's toffee cut into chunks. They are yummo though.

I found the bikkies very cake like and I actually prefer a crisper bikkie, but my DH adored them and scoffed the lot. It makes ALOT of biscuits (or cookies) I also added a touch more flour, as I found the mix a bit too sticky for me.


  1. Mmmm, they look scrumptious. BTW you've been tagged :)

  2. Oh those look absolutely delish! My kind of cookie since I adore dried sour cherries. I stock up on them when I am in the US, but I do see them here sometimes. Also with the toffee bits, the closest thing that I can get like that are at Ikea...yes, Ikea! Daim is a chocolate covered toffee that is Swedish???, so Ikea carries it. They have little bags of bit size pieces which would be similar the the Skor bits.

  3. Well next time you are in the states Sara, bring me back some lol!!

    I have found them occassionally here, but last time they were $80 kg yikes!!! They were Bing Cherries, they were delicious, but it's a bit too exxy for my tastes.

    I will check out Ikea next time I'm there too :)

    Shall I send you some when I make them again?

  4. I wouldn't say no to a cookie or two or three... :)
    But I could make the recipe because I have some cherries in the cupboard.
    I wish I could say I was going to the US soon because I'd offer to bring some back for you. I buy them from this guy because he has organic dried fruit. Shipping to AUS is exxy as I inquired a while back. So I just wait for people to visit or when I go.