Saturday, January 27

Another Scorcher

Well according to the eldest dd the mercury hit 40 deg with around 70% humidity. Thankfully a breeze has started to kick in, and maybe we'll get some storms to cool it down. It is not conducive to work in this weather, even with air-con.

Shane has just taken some snaps of our new product to be launched on 1st February, hopefully people will love them just as we do. Little Miss K will be the model for them :) When she's happy and smiley, Shane will take some pics.

Here are the fleece and velour pics as promised as well

First pic - mulberry, fuschia, lavender
Second pic - sunshine, black, sky, royal, tangerine, white, fuschia, camel, midnight
Third pic - flowers, lime, stripey, lavender, lemon, tangerine, sage

1 comment:

  1. yeah the heat has been riduculous! thank god for air conditioning is all I can say!
    love all the luscious fleece and looking forwad to seeing the new product!