Sunday, June 18

Menu planning

Do you know when you get into a food rut?  Ive been there the last year or so.   Even the baking has taken a back seat.  Yeh i know 😓

But in the last month or so, I have started to go through my countless magazines and cookbooks to try and expand our tastebuds and not do the same 3 meat and veg, stirfry, salads, etc.  

This week we are having

Lemon chicken - Taste June 15 
Indonesian Braised por - Taste July 17
Green Curry Meatballs - Taste !ov 16
Souvlaki Lamb with cranberry (couldn't get redcurrant) - Taste Nov 16
Mozzerella stuffed meatballs - Taste July 17

We do either hamburgers or tacos mostly on Friday nights along with a family movie.  
Im thinking that one of the meals will make more than we can eat and somthat will do another night, or I'll wing it.

Things that make things easier for me is that I'm not going eek whats for dinner, our food budget is good and we are eating more vegetables, we already eat alot but more is better.  

Im trying to remember to take pics and will review the recipes later in the week. 

Monday, May 29


A gorgeous gown in imperial batiste in white with Swiss Lace edging and insertion.

This pattern is for an 18mth size, so I rejigged the measurements and patterns quite a bit to suit the smaller size.  I think the originals was more likely to be a size 5 given the look of it and the child.

Over 1000 individual embroidery stitches including lots of bullion roses in two shades of pink, with bullion daisies and french knots, lazy daisy leaves in leaf green and stems in back stitch, they were suppose to be stem stitch but I liked the look of the back stitch better.   Roses were left off the collar being a smaller size. 

150 individual tucks and countless hours of smocking and embroidery combined.  

The dress is fully lined with an inbuilt petticoat as the imperial batiste is very sheer, but beautifully to work with and slightly less crushy than cotton batiste. 

Friday, April 28

Beanie Knits

I have lots of single skeins of hand dyed wool by some gorgeous makers.   So I've decided to just use them.  No use just sitting there.  Even if it means just giving them all away. 

I made these two for Amy and Iain.

Rainbow Trout from Pekapeka - using Evoke Yarns from Yarn Cafe in Turkish Delight DK weight.

It makes up super quick and its an easy pattern for me to remember.

and then I made Stormy Waters from Anodiomena's Designs .  I adore Elena's creations.  Elena is currently battling cancer and if you'd like to support her she has a Go Fund me Page and her patterns are on sale until 5 May in her Ravelry store.  Please support her if you can.

I can't find the colour way for the blue one, but it was also from Evoke Yarns I think.