Friday, February 9

Whew a Big Week

Well the GDUNH is well and truly underway, and aside from a few small hiccups, seems to be going well. Prizes are in hand and the perks of being the co-ordinator, I get to see them first. Sponsors are extremely happy with both their website hits and sales.

I've managed so far to stock everyday during the hunt, though it's a bit sparse on the ground today. But I have some hand dyed Raphaels, and they'll probably go up next. The appliqued designs when BANG on OZeBaby this week, and more will be on a plane winging their way here soon. And yes - there will be frogs :)

Baby K's Christening is booked for Palm Sunday - I've ordered white satin batiste and some gorgeous laces - it will of course be smocked and embroidered. I'd only just started smocking when the other girls were little, so they missed out on smocking, but W did have a smocked romper. So I have less than 8 weeks to turn out a gorgeous gown. But that's doable, I do work well under pressure.

More fleeces and knits arrived this week - even a fluro yellow Malden Mills fleece, not quite sure what I'll do with that one - perhaps it will glow in the dark.

We also had a huge Nappycino this week at Woolcock Park, Red Hill, lots of scrummy nappies and cute bubs. Possum Pouches soakers were well represented, and we all went home wanted a Jeweled Sea one, because the colours were just stunning.

Here's a pic of Baby K, taken by the talented Bec from Pookey Pockets. I think the photo speaks for itself. I had gone to help someone put stuff in my car, so I'd left Baby K with Bec, and it appears she was less than impressed. Oh y es and forgot to say - Baby K is wearing a Bits for Bots bamboo velour inner, with cotton print outer - yummy!!!

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