Wednesday, March 7

Newsletter 30

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to the first Newsletter sent from our new program. We appreciate all those that have followed the link in the invitation and resubscribed. We'll see how this works out for us.

So an update for March:-

I'm closing for the next 2 weeks, to catch up on pending orders and other cloth nappy business. While the Nappy Hunt itself is over, after Susie collates all the data from the Hunters and selects the winners, we have the prizes to send out, and with Reusable Nappy Week(tm) and Baby K's christening looming, I need to buckle under and work my tail off, to get everything finished in time. So I'm basically going offline. I still have quite a few emails to answer - not ignoring anyone, but they are in a large to do pile, and I will get back to you as soon as I am able. If you have anything urgent you need to discuss, please put URGENT in your subject line, otherwise, I'll get to them as I can, or will answer them when I get back online.

I will be keeping everyone updated on orders and such via my blog - which can be viewed here it will also keep you up
to date, with what's coming, and new fabrics etc as they arrive.

Reusable Nappy Week(tm), from March 19th to 25th is coming up fast - the Brisbane WAHMs are getting together to raise some funds, to pay for the hire of halls and printing costs. We will be holding a raffle at our OZeBaby Gossamer Dreams Store, sometime in the next couple of weeks, with tickets being sold for $2 each (no limit on the number you can buy) and there will be a number of different prizes available in the draw. Basically for $2 you could win a HoneyBoy! AIO. And I will be at the Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday events here in Brisbane, and would love to meet you if you can make it to any of our events.

We'll also be updating the website with some new pictures, pics of babies wearing HB nappies - so you can see roughly what size would suit your bub - if you'd like your bub to feature on our site, please send clear pics with bub's first name, age, weight, build and HB size, as we'd love to see them. We've also changed the instocks page, splitting up the various nappies into sections, so it's easier to find products.

Australia Post has again increased their prices, so postage charges will reflect that, please note that we charge a 30c packaging charge on every order to cover the necessary packaging supplies so your order arrives in pristine condition.

The Cherub's Kiss Family

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