Sunday, March 18

Sunday Night 18th March

Baby K is 8mths old today, where has the time gone.

Anyways a nappy sewing update. All the customs, bar one are finished from the OZeBaby Stocking.

Subscriber nappies are cut, and are being started. I send them out in the order they were received, the sale stated at 4am (its in US time), according to the shopping cart, so you should be able to tell from there roughly where your order is in the scheme of things. They will start going in the post tomorrow as I get them finished. I am working as fast as I can, but Reusable Nappy Week is this week as well, so I'm tied up for 3 days with that as well. Again if you have any questions regards your order, please feel free to email me.

I'm waiting on some pre-order Monkey Doodlez and some new fleece applique cuts to arrive, mail from Canada is being weird however.

Congratulations to all the GDUNH winners, I hope you have a fab time with your wonderful goodies, and it will be good to get my sofa bed back, it's been crushed under the weight of prizes for a few weeks now lol!!!

Hope you all had a super weekend, and I'll catch you all later in the week.

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