Wednesday, March 14

Wednesday Afternoon

Well William is now on the mend thank goodness, I've had very little sleep the last few nights, but we are getting there.

Baby K has cut her first tooth - wonder if that explains her irritability as well, or she's going out in sympathy for William lol!!

Anyways, pictures here of what went today. Balance of customs from OZeBaby will be going out tomorrow, barring those held for RNW - you know who you are :)

All subscriber nappies are cut and they'll be started Friday, then it's onto bulk orders and a few other bits and pieces to fill in the gaps.

Pictures are also up on the OZeBaby RNW raffle of the HoneyBoy! Dyed Basic up for grabs. It turned out gorgeous, mind you it's the second one I made, the sewing machine ate the first one grrr!!! - Okay well I put a copy here as well, just to tempt you with more raffle tickets :)

I have a very large pile of emails to answer and also quite a few ladies to get back to about RNW. I will endeavour to attend to those tomorrow. I thank you all for your patience and understanding.

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