Monday, April 23

Monday Morning

Well I've finished my huge backlog of paperwork, whew! So it's back to sewing.

I'll be randomly listing some customs/appliques on OZeBaby after lunch today. Some appliques on black fleece will be arriving later in the week - Gorilla, tiger and crocodile. More to follow in the next few weeks as well. Keep your eye out at the CK site as well, instock HoneyBoy AIO's will be listed randomly along with some raphaels and pullups (1 XL there now 11.00am) during the week. I can't give you a definite time, as it all depends on the munchkins. And hopefully those on dial up, will be able to snag one or two.

Some more medium/long Monkey Doodlez will arrive this week as well.

Lots and lots of new fabrics on the way for customs. Now to find the time to take photos of them all. Hmm, maybe I should have the teenager help me out with those.

We have lots of new ideas to help those that haven't as yet, managed to snaffle a Cherub's Kiss HoneyBoy. Look out for a newsletter in the next couple of weeks.

Have a great day all!

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