Wednesday, April 18

Pictures as promised

A bit slow but anyways here are some pics, working on the last three. They may not get finished to go up tonight, but will go up tomorrow. Will list the ones below a bit later, after the littlest munchkins are in bed.

Lavender windpro outer, with imported stripe velour inner - pinned so you can see what it will look like closed - choose your own closing style.

Inner of above nappy. Trimmer through the crotch than standard HoneyBoys, and with a slightly lower rise as well.

Lush black windpro with jaffa coloured imported velour - not for the faint hearted, black likes to collect link - but a laundry bag and a lint brush are your friend.

Purple windpro with a Paris PRR knit inner.

1 comment:

  1. there is purple and lavender Windpro!!! gulp! drool! oh boy, i wish i hadn't seen that, now i will covet HB's in those colours. Sigh.

    I have a night nappy in Windpro, it's fantastic waterproof stuff.

    Great idea to make pull-ups.