Saturday, May 19

Saturday Evening

Well as usual with a little bubba nothing goes quite according to plan. Baby K is now 10 months old, and has gone from a fairly good night sleeper, to haywire. In consequence along with the late night sewing (of which I am NOT a fan) I'm a bit of tired Mummy at the moment.

I have all the customs from 23rd April, cut and half sewn, up to the tabs, so will be working on those tomorrow, some will go then and then rest Monday and Tuesday. I have a huge stack of med, large and extra large pull ups cut, and they'll be next on the agenda. Along with a couple of special nappies.

Working on a Nappy for Michelle from Sustainable Hemp for World Enviroment Day, hopeing to dye that tomorrow.

Some gorgeous new fleece arrived, so keep an eye on OZeBaby for a themed week, the girls from Possum Pouches will also be stocking in the theme. Lots and lots of yummy flannels have also arrived, but as usual my photos aren't worth looking at, so it's again up to Shane to take decent ones for me to upload.

Okay I think that's it for today.


  1. (((hugs))) Lesley, hope you get some sleep soon! Emxxx

  2. Oh Lesley, I hope you get some very wll earned sleep soon!!!
    You amaze me with how you just keep going!!
    Here's to getting some sleep tonight!!
    Donna xo