Friday, June 22

Friday Afternoon

Well I've worked very hard this week :D It's been freezing cold here, hard to sew with frozen fingers, but we got there. All the OZeBaby orders from the beginning of June have gone in the post today - boy was Shane loaded up just now lol!! I still have a couple here, one waiting on decisions and one on layby - but those ladies know who they are.

Now those lovely dyed fabrics are being made up as we speak, into something new. I really hope that you like them. The feedback so far, has been great, and I think they are gorgeous, so hope you will too.

Pics will be sneaking up throughout the next couple of days. Newsletter ladies as always will know what they are first. And barring anything untoward happening, they'll be going live on Sunday night.

We had some server issues so the website was down for a few days and since I'm going away beginning of July, I've decided to keep the website closed until I get back. Full details in the newsletter out tomorrow.

Okay off to have a well earned cuppa tea now.

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