Monday, July 30

30th July Update

Okay so now Shane has what K and I have had, hence I've been doing Hunt stuff instead of sewing for Bek's shop :( But anyways, I'll have a small number of HoneyBoy! nappies for tomorrow.

Will post pics a bit later as they are finished. I'm up to the turning and topstitching now.

I'll have

HoneyBoy! Basic - Bamboo for Nights Size M Girly prints
HoneyBoy! AIO Hemp Black Racecards Size M
HoneyBoy! AIO Hemp Black Fluro Flowers Size M
HoneyBoy! AIO Hemp PUL Aqua Starfish Size M
HoneyBoy! Basic Aqua Minkee Size M
Pre-orders for 6 HoneyBoy! Basic - Bamboo for Nights - you pick size - prints as available on the day.
Monkey and Micro Doodlez - variety of colours and sizes
Monkey Doodlez Swim Nappies - Medium and large.

That's it so far, will see how much more I can get done tonight.

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