Monday, September 10

Thanks Darl!!

Well my darling hubby came home from work early on Friday sick - which just never happens. Cough/cold/sore throat, aches you name it - well guess what, he's given it to me :( I so don't need it. He had 4 days off for me to sew without worrying about the littlies and he goes and makes me sick - lucky for him I love him to bits lol!! Of course not only do I have it, but William, who told me his throat is sick, poor little man. Amy also has it, luckily no exams tomorrow and the QCS were done and dusted last week, hopefully she'll be better for Wednesday in time for more exams. Just so long as she's not sick Friday week, the day of the Formal. I've still got to take up her dress, but shoes, jewellery are ready to go - thanks sis for the gorgeous bracelet and thank you to Kat at Ladybeads on OzeBaby for helping us to buy the beads.

But anyways I'm soldiering on and getting some work done though slower than I would like.

The embroidered nappy is finished embroidery wise, it's been washed and as it's bamboo taking it's own sweet time drying. But it's just soooo gorgeous, I really want to keep it for Miss K, but I can't. I'm also doing a little fleece cover with some applique to match it. I hope the new owner just loves it as much as I do.

The auction winner will be receiving their first part of the win sometime hopefully this week, but I'm waiting on the fabric to do part 2 - fingers crossed it's what the little person likes to wear.

Now some pics of finished works.

Firstly a stash of bamboo AIO's - mostly small for the new bubba that arrived and a medium for his big brother.

And then a whole stack of gorgeous bamboo night nappies. The colours are just so vibrant and gorgeous and oh so soft, you just want to sit and pat them.

From back left - Baby Dinosaurs, Daisies, Frangipani. Next row from left Lighthouses, Laurel Birch Fish, Frog Princess
Bottom row - Dragon from OZeBaby

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