Wednesday, November 21

I'm back

from Melbourne. We had a lovely time, visiting with the new baby and catching up with some friends at a huge Nappycino on Monday.

Anyways I'm back into things and will be randomly stocking from today on both sites. I worked very hard last week and there are lots of nearly finished nappies, so as they are completed they'll go up for sale.

There are night nappies and quick dry nappies. Along with some Hemp HoneyBoy! AIO, all of the hemp nappies will come with a bamboo booster free of charge.

Another photo of a gorgeous set - made for a little one's first birthday. Working on another set this week for the last auction win as well.

It's a felted wool jersey cover with wool embroidery. Toadstool, flowers and a faery. The faery has sparkles in her dress and wings and beads the colour of the little girl's birthstone. The dress is a swing top, crossover with toadstools appliqued on and some hand embroidered flowers.

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