Monday, March 10

Monday Night Stocking

Hi All,

Nappies previewing now will be listed for sale sometime after 7.30pm QLD time. Please also note that as our 4yo DS is due to have a day procedure on Wednesday at the RCH, parcels maybe slower than normal to be posted. You will as always receive an email when they have been sent.

Also due to the fact that he'll be in the hospital for a goodly portion of the day, and will probably be sore and out of sorts for a couple of days following- I won't be stocking anything else until at least Friday night. Stocking may occur on the weekend to compensate for this. Email replies to questions may also be delayed.

Semi-customs from OZeBaby are being finished off at the moment, and you should all be receiving those shortly.

Thank you for your patience this week, as I'm quite nervous about my little boy going under a general anesthetic, and even though it's only about a 90 minute procedure, I'm sure I'll be watching the clock for everyone of those minutes.

1 comment:

  1. Just concentrate on your little one - the stockings etc can wait.

    We will be thinking of all the cherubs on Wednesday and hoping things go well. S is going under GA for her EUA Thursday of the following week so I know how you feel.

    Big hugs xoxoxoxo