Saturday, March 22

Saturday Afternoon

Well my girly set is up - hope you like it - there will be more sets on offer, since it's getting cooler. Just team them up with some babylegs or tights, a little skivvy or jumper and away you go. And if they spill something on the front, you can just turn it inside out and you are good to go.

Boys sets are coming, but it's so much harder to find fabrics for boys - seems the fabric designers design for girls. The first one will be out there - be warned, but it still looking pretty funky.

I'll be putting up some sets that are straight buy it nows and these will be listed totally at random, no warning anywhere, though they will preview for some time before hand.

I have masses of half finished plain Auriels in size 1 and 2, but they need boosters and snapping and the snapping half of the team is on midnight to dawns over the Easter Weekend, so don't expect any of those ones until Tuesday. I have a few half finished feature panels ones, and they'll just go up at random as they are finished.

I hope you are all having a safe and peaceful Easter break - drive safely those of you that are travelling, and don't eat too much chocolate - How can you ever eat too much.

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