Sunday, May 25

I think I'm just about Caterpillar'ed out

But anyways, I have a few more for this afternoon to list. Very late afternoon or late evening.

I have an auction that's just started Caterpillar Heaven !!!! It will be one of the last caterpillars that I do. Once the small amount of remaining fabric is gone, it's gone. I won't be repeating the designs.

Keep your eyes peeled for something new and exciting in the month of June.

Shane is also updating the Cherub's Kiss homepage to include details of how to get a custom nappy. No hyena'ing required, just send in an email. You'll be able to choose up to 4 nappies from the basic range - ie no hand embroidery and no hand-dye jobs will be available, but you can choose from Auriel's or HoneyBoy! choice will be entirely up to you.

2.46pm Update - I didn't get as much done as I had hoped, packing up the orders from Friday night and family stuff have taken up most of the day, so what I will have for tonight is up there previewing atm, Shane will add the photos and will make them live later on tonight. I can't give you a time, as that will be up to him.

The rest of the work I didn't get finished, will be randomly stocked throughout the week, I won't be giving any times away, as they get finished and photographed, they'll go up and live.

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