Saturday, June 28

Away for a short break

Some of the Cherub's will be away for a short break.

When we come back, the stores will still be closed for a short time, whilst I catch up on some small customs and finish off some Auriels and HoneyBoy! nappies that just need finishing off. I'll have both on a regular basis after I come back. I'll have HoneyBoy! Nights again, now that my bamboo stocks are full. And I have some beautiful cuts of fabric ready to be turned into spectacular one offs.

Don't forget you only have till the 30th June, to enter the custom ballot. You can enter here We will draw after we return from our break, contact the ballot winners and delete the other entries to start all over again for the next month.

Also Gossamer Dreams again stocks on the 15th July, keep an eye out on the blog, for the next theme, and sneak peeks of what is coming - from me you'll expect to see all types of nappies and garments in this month's theme. Along with a couple of super special pieces :)

See you when we return :)

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