Friday, July 18

Katherine's 2nd Birthday

And all the goodies that go with a birthday party. We have some of her little friends around, and everyone had a great morning. Lots of running, jumping and playing and of course eating lots of goodies. She received some absolutely beautiful handmade goodies, but her favourite present of the day is the Sigg water bottle that she received from the lovely Mel. Lola picked it out for her and it's just perfect, she hasn't even put it down. I'll be back later in the week, to post pictures of the gorgeous handmade goodies and pressie that she received.

Droolworthy cupcakes - vanilla with a buttercream frosting and silver cachous

Mm melting moments.

And no you can never have enough cupcakes - mini ones here. All failsafe goodies on offer today, so everyone can have a taste.

My new kitchen - Katherine is already a whizz .

Lemonade scones, yummo!!

The birthday girl herself.

My best cupcakes yet - I love how they turned out. I had to make do with a very small petal nozzle on my piping bag - I will have to get a larger one, and it's really hard to make pink buttercream with real butter - everything has a tinge of peach to it.

To die for caramel coconut slice.

Cupcake face


  1. Wow, you made those cupcakes yourself? They're amazing!

  2. Yup Lara, I made them. The cupcakes are easy, and the icing gets easier the more you do and they taste wayyy better than shop bought!

  3. Those cupcakes are truly amazing... I love the petals! Katherine looks so grown up, and her cupcake applique t-shirt and hair corkers look gorgeous on her.

  4. Thank you Ruth. The cupcake t-shirt came from Elocin and the Korkers from the Boutique Ribbon girls and the cupcakes aren't that hard :)

  5. You have made lovely cupcakes ! Greetings to you from Botswana !