Thursday, August 7

What's coming .................

have been very under the weather here :( but I managed whilst I was childless today, to throw some bamboo velour into the dye pot ready for the next Gossamer Dreams stocking. If you'd like to see what this gorgeous fabric will be turned into just check out the Gossamer Dreams Blog in the next couple of days. And you can probably guess from this photo what the theme for this month is as well :)

Will hopefully have the dyed bamboo fitteds and a couple more than Shane is just snapping up for sale tomorrow at the OZeBaby store :)

Keep an eye out on Sunday for a newsletter and details of the special ANN stocking, before the Cherub's Kiss store is stocked again for everyone else. If you haven't already signed up for ANN you can do so here . There will be plain Auriels, some HoneyBoy! and a couple of custom slots as well.


  1. Oh squeak! I *love* rainbows... what yummy fabric!

    Ruth xx

  2. whoah mama! They look edible! You're so clever!
    love Kat