Saturday, September 6

6th September

Cupcakes I made yesterday for a get together - vanilla, vanilla - I used vanilla beans that I got from ebay - as I'm going to try and make vanilla extract from scratch, the vanilla beans were a lot less expensive on ebay than from the supermarket and they smell divine. I think I've found a way of making the cupcakes lighter and moister as well. I've always used softened butter, but now I melt some of the butter slightly, maybe 1/4 of it and they are turning out better than ever. I of course used the vanilla bean in the frosting, which was creamy smooth and silky - I used the Coles Brand unsalted butter, in my quest for a whiter frosting.

The chocolate ones are the same recipe - less the vanilla bean - used vanilla extract instead, still pretty good. But I am partial to vanilla myself.

Found a new blog that has inspired me to make some other cupcakes too.

The divine plate was a birthday present from my friend Karen who lives just around the corner, but couldn't make it cause she and her family are all sick - be better soon :)

Today is my brother's birthday, I miss him terribly and it's been nearly 19 years since he went to live with the angels. I love you Noel and I hope that you are having cake in the heavens.


  1. (((hugs))) I'm sure he is Lesley. Lots of love Kat

  2. Thinking of you today Lesley. Huge hugs & lots of love xx

  3. I get my vanilla beans off ebay too. So much cheaper! I made a bunch of vanilla extract fot Christmas presents. It's been brewing since May! Your cupcakes look delicious!!!
    I'm sorry about your loss.