Thursday, November 27

Some more customs

bite the dust :)

bite the dust :)

Firstly a jungle AIO - fabric was provided by the customer from Pookey Pockets it's cotton PUL, with a black microfleece inner and extra booster.

And then 3 raphaels, with matching wipes. A Jungle Babies Quick Dry HoneyBoy! AIO, Munch Crunch size 2 tshirt with Lollipop applique. A size 0 Set of denim shorts and a watermelon t-shirt and then a Munch Crunch Minky Nappy.

Just a close up of the Munch Crunch's :)

Hoping to get lots more done over the weekend, but Shane has extra shifts he has to work midnight to dawns :( It's suppose to be his 5 day weekend. So I'll be working around his waking times.

My little man has prep orientation tomorrow morning as well. I really don't think he's looking forward to it, he made me promise that he didn't have to stay at school all day.


  1. That jungle print is just devine!! Its gorgeous!! And I always love the munch crunch range you create!!

  2. Lovely set!! I love the jungle print! So much so that I went and brought some haha now what to make...