Tuesday, December 2

Add still more ....

Slowly gettting there. I've just started on the November Custom Slot winners, and you should all be contacted in the next week or so.

These yummy goodies are going out today. I wanted to post the photos last night, but we couldn't find any batteries and the camera was flat :(

A couple for a gorgeous little cherub I got to meet IRL at the Nappy Expo in Brisbane. Red Velvet fleece with ladybugs and a Fuschia with posey inner. I even got the stripes straight :)

These ones certainly have that 'wow' factor - Tattoo print on black fleece, and if you look closely you can see the funky inner peaking out - I love, love the inner, it is soft, squishy and divine. Teamed with a red/black dragon print on black fleece and red velour inner.

More still to come over the next few days. Though this week is fairly busy our eldest turns 18 on Friday yikes!


  1. Those ladybugs are devine arent they! Though I must admit that the tattoo one is my favourite .. especially that inner. . what a funky bum that is going to be!!

  2. They certainly DO have that wow factor! It's the first thing I said hehe
    Good job! Can't wait to see the others :)