Sunday, December 7

The cake

Well it was back and forth - yes a cake, no a cake - well you get the idea. Then this week sorta went pear shaped and I figured that she didn't really want one right? Wrong!!! Thursday she mentions the cake - yikes - I'd forgotten all about it - did I have the ingredients, could I do it?

Well as it turns out I did have the ingredients and I got it finished. The mudcake was baked Thursday night - I already had buttercream in the fridge albeit vanilla - but pop in some cocoa and you have chocolate. The cake recipe worked beautifully - not too dark. I'm not really a fan of mudcake - too chocolately. I know shock horror, who doesn't like chocolate : well that would be me - I can handle home made chocolate cake and real chocolate, and very very weak hot chocolate - but can't stand chocolate milk, chocolate mousse, chocolate ice-cream.

But I digress. Here is the cake - it's from Debbie Browns - 50 easy party cakes. It's a lolly bag.

So mudcake inner sandwiched with chocolate buttercream and covered in chocolate buttercream and then a layer of pale pink fondant and masses of lollies - M&M's being the main request. I think it turned out pretty super for a spur of the moment cake.


  1. Lesley, that is a super fabulous cake!!!

  2. You are an amazing woman!

    I am another person that loves chocolate - but I don't do chocolate ice cream, chocolate milk, chocolate mousse etc. Hubby thinks I'm strange.