Friday, December 5

Happy 18th Birthday Amy

Arriving 8 days late at 8lb 3oz and just beautiful. My darling first born arrived at 10.20am in the morning after a much speedier labour than anyone thought would happen. In fact the midwife sent my darling hubby home and said nothings going to happen until much much later. Shane had had very little sleep as we'd been up very late seeing friends from Thailand. So off he toddled to work, as he started at 8am and he thought if he went home he'd be late for work. Barely 1 1/2 hours later I had to get my Mum to ring him to come back, as Amy wasn't waiting around and was in a hurry to arrive. I'm glad she did arrive when she did it was stinking hot week, the days were hitting 42 degrees, we spent the night before in the pool until 10.30 at night and it was still like bath water lol!! I got to spend a few days in airconditioned bliss after her arrival, so that was fabbo :)

She has grown into a beautiful person, thoughtful, kind and generous. Always willing to help anyone that asks and a delight to her parents. We've had the usual ups and downs as any family does, but Shane and I have been blessed with wonderful children and I can't believe she is now 18 years old.

She has done amazingly well studywise in the last few years. Obtaining a OP of 2 and is now enrolled for next year at the QUT to undertake teaching - highschoolers if you can believe that - with a major in Maths. She's taken a year off this year to work and save money to pay for Uni next year. She's also been tutoring some students. We love you darling.

Here are some photos that document her journey :)

6 weeks old with a very proud Daddy - and yes Shane has hair in this photo lol!!

One of my favourite photos

A little red wagon - and see a cloth nappy :)

She cleaned up at the reelies awards in Year 12 - Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay. And one of her friends that appeared in the film, walked away with best Actor and she wasn't even a drama student.

Very last day of year 12

And my gorgeous darling with her Daddy who has considerably less hair than the first photo.

And more awwww for the day - my darling hubby and I celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary in January, but because my darling is a just a tad fanatical about some things, he worked out that yesterday at 11pm he had been married to me for exactly half his life and as a result posted this More Awww


  1. Wishing you a very happy 18th Birthday Amy have a fab day! And congrats on the milestone Shane & Lesley :)

  2. Happy birthday Amy! Hope you had a wonderful day :) Miya and Toby send lots of cuddles

  3. I feel teary reading that Lesley, and reading Shanes post too. Happy Birthday to Amy and happy rest-of-your-life to you and Shane. Lots of hugs Juanita

  4. Lots of celebrations in your house. Congratulations all around. You must be so proud of your family Lesley and all yours, and their achievements. Thinking of you often although life is so busy these days I feel like I've dropped off the side of the earth! Much love, Taniaxx

  5. Aww Happy Birthday to Amy! big milestone for her and you!
    I love that pic of her in the wagon! Gee hasn't cloth come a long way from the old flats!!
    What a sweet post from hubby!! You are one lucky lady :)