Tuesday, December 16

More yummies

Well here are the first lot of cupcakes for Jess There are lots more goodies on offer, so please dig deep and bid on the wonderful array of items.

Lemon Meringue!!!

Then a new recipe to try out from Ice Cream Before Dinner

For us Aussies. The butter weighs about 90g, and I used just plain chocolate for the two types. I did find the cupcakes stuck to the paper cases, so perhaps a spray of nonstick spray next time. I used the caramel frosting from the November Daring Bakers Challenge, sprinkled on some chocolate and a pecan. Going to make more of these this week. I'm not a huge fan of chocolate as you know, but they were very very good. Nice and chewy and delicious!!!! Oh and not the greatest photo or decorating job, cause I was literally running out the door.

And finally a birthday gift for Isabelle. I used the Portabellopixie pattern Claire. I made the size 5 and I think it turned out lovely :)

And I received my PIF yesterday from the gorgeous Miss Kat of The Beaded Lady. She knows how much I would kill for rose quartz and that's what I received, a beautiful rose quartz bracelet. Given that this time of the year can be a little stressful, I'll be wearing it non-stop.

So to that end I'm having a PIF for the first 3 lovely people to post a comment saying that they'd like a PIF. You can see Kat's original post here


  1. *wiping up the drool from my keyboard* those cupcakes look divine Lesley! Emily was looking over my shoulder as I scrolled down your blog & when she saw the dress she yelled out 'I want that, can you buy it for me?' lol. I hope Isabelle loves it as much as Emily does.

    Melissa xx

  2. Well Melissa, you know how to find me if Emily wants one :D

  3. I would love a PIF. :P

    What fabric did you use for the dress? I love the bodice colouring.

  4. Tanja the fabric was from spotlight :) It's a poplin, tie dyed with a thread running through it. It does run with colour though, so I would prewash it a couple of times.

  5. I would love a pif too

    The dress is divine and I have already commented on the beautiful cupcakes :)

  6. Oh I would love a PIF too :)
    Those foodie baskets look yummo!! Can I look after your kids next year? Hehehe :)
    I have that material :) Saw it at spotlight and HAD to buy it, even though I don't know what I will do with it :) Looks so lovely! I think Emily will LOVE it!

  7. You've done an awesome job as usual Lesley - mmm and the dress is gorgeous! :) xo