Tuesday, January 27

First day of School

Well William started prep today - he did really well - I've been a bit anxious about it, but he was great. Told me it was time to go, he wanted to play with the Lego.

So here are some pics. Katherine started at a new Monti kindy as well, and she did well too and the bonus is it's so much closer to where we live, it's going to make my life so much easier.

They aren't the best photos, everyone was making funny faces lol! And you can see how overtired my little man is and how the heat bothers him, by the very dark circles under his eyes :( I'm hoping that we get some early nights this week, and some sleep ins too.


Katherine had a super day - no toileting accidents - yah!!! and she was happily playing when we picked her up - the new carer said she is just a little doll which she is.

William looks very tired - and my tip for day 2 - pack an afternoon tea, they can eat on the way home - luckily we had some leftovers from lunch - because he was starving!!! He ate grapes, bikkies and downed nearly 400ml of water. He says he had a good day - did some painting, drawing, played with puzzles, read books and played with Lego - but he doesn't want to go back tomorrow sigh! I'm hoping that he'll be okay tomorrow. He's annoyed his little sister no end this afternoon, hoping that is just tiredness too.

Well homemade pasta is done, along with meatballs, and it will be an early night for the littlest cherub's they are already yawning.


  1. Great to hear that William went well this morning! He truely looks at ease. Hope he gets a good night sleep tonight.

  2. Awww well done William ....

    Bet mummy has been rather lost !

  3. Such big kids now! Did you feel lost Lesley? I can't imagine having all the kids outof the house!

    Hey you won the tee over on my blog:D I'll e-mail you soon and get your details againxxx

  4. Hey Megsie and Ally, yes I was rather lost - I wandered around in a daze for half the day - was working, but my head wasn't really there.

    Hoping tomorrow I'll be back into things though, I'm very much behind on things.

    and yah me - I never win anything Megsie - so that you so much!!!!!

  5. He looks all grown up! Sounds like he had a good day and hoping this mornign went well :) K is cute as a button as always!