Wednesday, January 14

Library Bag

Well my little man is going into Prep this year and he needed a library bag :) I found this one from the Living Creatively which I'd found via Miss Marzie

I made a few changes, and I have a few little tips. I changed the size, as William needed a certain sized library bags.

So a couple of things I noticed, not being a quilter of course :)

The first number in the instructions is the length, not the width as I had originally thought.

So I cut my bag as follows.

19 inches long and 15 inches wide - 1 piece of the red pirate flags cotton print and 1 piece of black drill.

24 1/2 inches long and 15 inches wide of pirate monkeys - and you need to cut two pieces.

I also choose to applique William's name onto the black drill - be careful when doing this as you don't want the word William to appear upside down - was I careful NO I WASN'T and I spent a goodly portion of time unpicking to turn the panel the right way up.

So what you want is the writing to be on the panel that is to your far right as per step 4 - with the writing running from the bottom to the top as per the diagram. Clear as mud?

I also found step 8 a little confusing where it says leave 3 inch gap for turning. Those seams had already been sewn in step 4. So I just unpicked a section to turn my bag through.

Otherwise it went together reasonably well and I think it's a great bag. I'm going to add a shouder strap to mine, but haven't just yet, William is yet to see it.

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  1. Brilliant bag. And I have those sort of goofy moments too Lol nice to know I'm not the only one!