Saturday, February 7

For twins

So here is a custom for some gorgeous twin girls. Mum is having a hard time deciding on closures for the pinnies, so I promised some pics to help her decide.

The pinnies are fully reversible. They have matching Munch Crunch nappies.

Denim outer with a smidge of stretch in it, and a appliqued pear, hand embroidered caterpillar and rick rack trim.

The other side, vibrant lime and white spot, with a cute pocket featuring a butterfly button.

And the back - how cute is that, nappies will peek out from the bottom of the skirt.

This one is a red, pink and white spot, again with the cute pocket and this time a ladybug button.

The back, sweet as can be.

And this is the front, appliqued with apple and hand embroidered caterpillar, with red rick rack trim.

Both Auriels have bamboo velour inners, as the little poppets react to microfleece.

She's also agreed to test my Auriel Night Nappies, long time in the making, cause I keep changing my mind, but hand dyed of course, with lush layers of bamboo fleece and velour or sherpa.

The Front. The purple/red has a sherpa inner and the red one has a bamboo velour inner.

The back, the boosting is adjustable, but will cater for those that need lots of layers and those that don't need quite as many. They are surprisingly trim I think for so many layers, and fit my Miss chubby thighs, tiny waisted little girl very well, night and snug, but not too bulky.


  1. Just stunning! Great work! What lucky little girls!!
    Lesley, bet you have a long list or wannabe 'testers' for your lovely works of art!! How can one be so lucky?! x

  2. they look fantastic, cant wait to try night nappies.

  3. Oh cool as Lesley!! Well done on all fronts :)

  4. Gorgeous Lesley. I already used my bamboo fitted auriel as a night nappy if I get stuck! Looking forward to the release of auriel nappy when it happens :-)

  5. oh wow they are awesome! I love the NN too. When are you releasing them? I want I want I want!