Wednesday, February 11

How can you help?

By purchasing from a store that is raising funds for the floods or bushfires. I'm going to try and make a list here of all those stores helping. If you are a store, or know of one, please leave a comment and I will add you.

Cherub's Kiss - Mystery Auction
Willow and Moo - 100% from sale of rainbow redondo
Victorian Bushfire Relief on OZeBaby - Lots of different auctions including Tikki and Pint
Minicuture - Auction from the 1st March
Possum Panorama - Knitted Capri Set
Knitting for the Animals - help by knitting for injured animals.
Picanini - Auctions
Sugar Shots - auctions
Bizy Bee - donating 10% of the sales from Night Nappies
CFA on Wahmnaps - auctions to raise funds for the CFA
Twinkle Lily - 10% of sales
Cloth Pad Shop - auctions
The Crafty Caterpillar - 20% of sales donated for the remainder of February.

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