Sunday, March 29

And just some

of the nappies I've been working on this week. There are more to come, but these ones are 100% finished. Shane snapped them all in between his shifts at work, and Mum helped by trimming some of the threads for me, but other than that they have been sewn by hand by me, no mass production here :) And let me tell you, I sure as heck after this will need my break away.

Poor little K was up in the night being sick :( but she seems happy and contented this morning, but I'll be carefully watching it - don't want her passing it on to anyone else.

These are the size 2's. Some favourite prints like the giraffe, and some new ones, like the Aliens, Fairy Dust, Tooltime and Pink Batik

And some weeny size 1's again in some new prints, and some one off prints from stash. I think the vibrant Batik Turtles is my favourite from this batch.

Still to come, some Neopolitan PUL, yummo! Along with some Hot Pink Fluro Lycra, and some HoneyBoy! Fitteds :)

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