Tuesday, March 31

Houston we have a problem .................

Well it appears that OZeBaby and all the other Congo Carts have crashed.

There is nothing I can do until Nathan brings them all back online. I had set them to auto-stock at 7pm, so I'm thinking that when it comes back online, they'll be live, but I have no idea what time that will be.

I apologise for any inconvenience, but unfortunately this is totally beyond my control, I used OZeBaby for this stocking so that I didn't oversell, and you have your items carted, so there was no mad rush for checkout and that those on dial up would have a fairer chance.

Might just have to go back to random stockings now even though via the poll, it appears that most prefer a set time stocking.

I'm off now to put an unwell bubba to bed - who has only been happy today at 7pm when I stocked. Find a huge piece of Harry's Rocky Road and a cup of tea and settle down to watch some telly.

Night all.

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