Friday, April 10

Happy Easter

I hope those having an Easter break, take it easy on the roads, and have a lovely break with family and friends.

I'm still working behind the scenes on the New Customer Nappies, there are alot more than I first thought, so I'm still plugging away getting through them. I'll start to email again after the Easter break, as I know alot of people are away.

As it is I've been slowed down a little, due to the fact that yesterday morning bright and early I sewed through my finger :( I've never done that before in 25 plus years of sewing, and I honestly don't know how I did it. Anyways, there was blood and pain, and I had to have Shane bandage it up - it throbbed for a goodly portion of the day and is making it hard today to type, cut or sew. So perhaps I'll just have a day off today and play with the children. William is totally exhausted from his last day of term 1, and definitely needs some R&R.

Anyways here are some more New Customer Orders, that went out yesterday.

For Laura - Ballet Princess Auriel with white microfleece inner. Medium HoneyBoy! Pale Pink outer, and panda inner.

For Lisa - Small HoneyBoy! sea green outer - this fleece is so pattable, soft and silky. With a planes, trains and automobiles inner. And the size 1 Auriel is aqua minky with a toys panel.

For Nicole. 2 Medium HoneyBoy! - One mauve with funky flowers inner, and one salmon pink with roses inner.

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