Tuesday, May 12

Divine flowers

still working away on a divine order - well I think it is - you saw a little peek the other day - here's another part of it.

The before short - appliqued flowers and bias vine.

Add some hand embroidery and sparkly beads. I'm quite chuffed with my flat felled seams, they have hand embroidery on them too, in a gorgeous pink thread.

Still more to come on this little outfit though - working on a wee fairy at the moment.

Ladybug, Ladybug is coming up for sale at Gossamer Dreams this week.

Working slowly through everything else but not getting very far unfortunately. I'm teaching today - so more the half the day is gone doing that. I'm thinking there might be some very early mornings/late nights this week.


  1. Looks lovely Lesley, cant wait to see it finished :)

  2. You are such a tease Lesley! I keep coming back every day because I really want to see the finished product, it looks gorgeous whatever it is :0)