Saturday, May 23

Under the weather

Well it's raining again here. We've had enough you can stop now please. I think about 18 inches from the last lot. Fortunately we are snug and dry thanks to the work we did after the November storms.

But I'm a little under the weather, so my next stocking will be early June at OzeBaby. There will be a few girly things, but the stocking will be primarily for the boys.

Will preview what's coming here. The stocking will be throughout the day - but autostocked so you can see exactly what time the nappies will be stocked. Oh and some of the items stocked will be for New Customers Only - I've decided that it just takes too long to do a mass New Customer Stocking, so every stocking that I have will have something for the New Customers. They will mostly be done in sets of 2 nappies - either 2 Auriels, 1 HB/1 Auriel, or 2 HBs. In various sizes.

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