Tuesday, June 2

For a little boys 1st Birthday

A little set - ordered quite awhile ago before my custom list closed. And patiently waited for by my lovely customer.

A pair of little denim pants - with a print cuff and little back pockets The cuffs can be rolled up as required.

A little long sleeve t-shirt - with a snap front for those baby heads, that sometimes don't like to fit through standard t-shirt. Appliqued with an aqua minkee circle and hand embroidered with an ocean theme.

A size 2 Auriel with the same fish/coral print as the pants, and hand embroidered on the back to match the t-shirt with little boats, waves and fishies.

And can I just say I hate my camera lately :( It's just not working I have to take like 30 pictures to get one even half decent, time to go looking for a new camera sigh!!

1 comment:

  1. Love your work Lesley, that is to die for!