Tuesday, June 16

Knight in Shining Armour

W had fairy tale day at school today and he choose a knight. Which wouldn't have been an issue but I only found out on Friday afternoon that he needed a costume sigh! Somewhere our note regarding it went walkabout - going to blame DH.

Anyways thank you to a lovely mama who hand delivered a copy of a pattern two days before the event, the very quickly run up outfit was made. I just did the cape and the shield, and of course had to make do with fabrics from stash as I didn't have time to duck out and get anything else, luckily my stash is fairly large :D

W said Mummy you've made me so happy making this and I think he looks gorgeous!!


  1. Oh gosh he really is a brave knight!!!! Great costume Lesley, what a handsome boy!

  2. perfect!! well done getting it whipped up so quickly, great that w loved it too :-)

  3. Awww he does look gorgeous and I love his comment to you, it makes it all worthwhile

  4. Oh Lesley !

    That is one freaking awesome outfit !

    Sheesh I hope I can whip up items like that when the time comes !!!

    What a handsome, handsome knight :)