Tuesday, June 23

Some Very Special Nappies

Thanks to the generosity of a lovely lady who sent me her own private fabric stash, there will be shortly on OZeBaby some more Munch Crunch Nappies. Some will be auctioned, some will be just for sale, and some will be lotteries.

The ones up for lottery will be for people who have never owned a Munch Crunch before, whether bought from me or not. Now whilst I can't police this, I take a dim view of people taking advantage of my generous nature and will, if push comes to shove blacklist those people from my purchasers list. Whilst this may seem to be an extreme measure, I am trying to remain fair and keep my prices reasonable and equitable for all.

I'll also have some appliquéd nappies up and these will be for auction. Most of them will be brand spanking new prints and appliqués, but some well loved ones as well. So keep your eyes peeled for the next few days. I am also in the middle of chaos as my sewing room at long last undergoes it's transformation, so I maybe a little slower answering emails than normal, please be patient with me.

Just a quick reminder to that I am closed for customs and due to recent events seriously have to rethink how I do customs in the future, if at all.

Please take a moment to read my updated terms and conditions on OZeBaby as I've changed a few items. Primarily it is now first to checkout on OZeBaby and that payment terms have changed as well. And I have also decided that I have the right to refuse to sell to anyone. These are steps that I haven't taken lightly and it has saddened me to have to do it, but I need to take care of my interests.

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  1. oh dear Lesley! not good about your issues (whatever they may be).

    Can't wait to see the new nappies. I love admiring them :)