Thursday, October 29

Girly Explosion

Seems there is a girly explosion of semi customs and customs. Lots of frills, ruffles and super girly naps.

Firstly a 1st birthday set for a gorgeous little girl and her wonderfully mama. Butterflies have special meaning to this family. It's a reversible denim/butterfly print pinnie, with a frill and reverse applique minky butterfly - hand stitched in varigated thread.

And of course you can't have a pinnie without a matching ruffler can you, so the nappy has been made to match. Too cute!!!

Then a special custom set from the CK store that was auctioned during the hunt. Hand dyed AIO with hand embroidery and applique.

The little tshirt and nappy front - hand dyed in shades of green and turquoise to represent grass and sky - appliqued with minky flowers.

And the back - rainbow minky applique with clouds and sun.

And quite a few more either in the post or going in the next few days, more pics up tomorrow :)


  1. The ruffle nappy is just gorgeous!

  2. Beautiful Lesley. I never get tired of looking at your creations but they should all be coming to my house, lol

  3. awwww, I must stop looking at all these cute girly nappies.

  4. That dress is adorable- I almost wish I could wear it. ;)

  5. Oh wow they are gorgeous, I love the ruffles and the colours in the dyed one, just beautiful!

  6. I bet it will suit that little girl to a tee and OMG is she one already! ove the flowers too!