Thursday, October 1

Okay that's it ..................

My back has had enough, so what is there is there and that's it.

Nappies will stock sometime after dinner. Will depend on my little ones and bedtime.

I've also put up 3 lotteries. 2 for anyone including existing customers and 1 for new customers only.

PLEASE only enter one lottery to be fair to all, and only enter the NEW CUSTOMER stocking if you've NEVER purchased anything from me at all.

And how cute did the Tweet Tweet set turn out :) I've also got this divine fabric in blue, so watch out for some more tweet tweet sets.

LOTTERY - It appears that quite a few people have entered both lotteries, so I've disabled one. There will only be the normal lottery and the New Customer lottery up - this is to be fair to all. Sorry that I've had to do this.

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