Thursday, November 5


Wow talk about cluck, cluck, cluck. 4 gorgeous wee bubbas and a pile of Cherub's Kiss nappies, sigh heaven!!!

Here are the gorgeous newborn/small baby piccies.

A massive thank you to the babies from left to right Emalyn, Brooke, Levi and Asher. All were gorgeously well behaved given they were poked and moved, and changed countless times.

A huge thank you to the mums Paula, Marie and Melissa, and my gorgeous photographer Trudy.

Oh and for those of you who want to know the vital stats

Emalyn is 5.5 weeks and about 5kg
Brooke is 7.5 weeks and about 2.5kg
Levi is 7.5 weeks and about 3kg
Asher is 1 week old and about 3.6kg

Brooke and Levi are twins


  1. I want one of those squishy little bubba's. Is that greedy?? hehehe. Well done to Trudy great shot!

  2. That's my beautiful nephew, Asher! They're all so sweet, and the nappies look so comfy.