Wednesday, November 11


today, items will go up with a time on them as the feedback I have received seems to suggest this is what you prefer. They should start to go up previewing after lunch, all going to plan.

I'm going to mix things up from tomorrow, some items will go up randomly and some with a set time -should be something for everyone in the next few days.

Currently there is a nappy up for lottery - you pick size and colour from those available. This lottery is open to all. New customer lottery coming tomorrow. I am only going to run one lottery at a time, to avoid any confusion.

Sigh! So my automatics aren't working and I've no idea why - they'll go up manually but I will try and put a time next to them, so you aren't at the computer for ages waiting. Really, really sorry. Next lot will go up a bit later around 5pm. I have kidlets to pick up and a DH to take to the doctors.

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