Monday, December 7

I hate being ill

with a passion. It frustrates me, drives me batty and puts me so behind :(

Anyways 5 days with no sewing done, doesn't make me a happy camper. But I'm back into it today - finishing the very last of a large custom order and then the Christmas Set from the Auction - which if I do say so myself is too cute for words.

Then it's making nappies/sets for the photos shoot, more of my to do list, though it is so much smaller and I've promised Shane and Angel that I WILL NOT add to it before Christmas, so that I do get a small break with family over the Christmas period.

And last but not least stock for the CK shop, I have lots cut out, just waiting to be snapped, even some very popular old favourites that were hiding in the cut box oops!

Oh and nearly forgot Gossamer Dreams - oh dear - lots of little baby items I think from me, think soft, white, snuggly and cute.

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