Tuesday, January 12

I love this

blog Woman, Uncensored

I'm not normally one to post about breastfeeding, home birth etc, though I am a firm believer in a woman being able to choose what is best for her and her bubba. Whether it be breast or bottle, home or hospital birth - it is up to the woman to decide, no one can make that choice for you - and no one should pressure you to make choice you are uncomfortable with.

But it makes me so cross when woman are told to cover up when breastfeeding and go and feed in the toilet - why should we. When I was breastfeeding I was discreet and conscience that others do find it a bit confronting, though heaven knows why. Half the time you can't even tell when a mum is breastfeeding.

So anyways I thought this blog post was wonderful and made me laugh. So I'm sharing it with all of you :)

All those Mums out there you do a fantastic job whatever way you choose to raise your children, don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Stand up for what you believe in and stand your ground. You know your children best, you have been with them 9mths or longer than anyone else can ever be with them.

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