Monday, January 18

Last weeks efforts

Well some of them, some of them have just argued with the camera and are terrible photos so they aren't here oops!

Anyways first off is from the custom from before Christmas. I hope the mama likes them, I had fun making them and she has an awesome eye for fabric as you can see.

Day of the Dead front and hand dyed back - with matching tshirt.

And here is the front.

On a whim owls, with a chocolate minky back and matching tshirt, the owls are too cute for words.

The divine appliqued sea turtle, he is just beautiful and I'm very pleased with how he turned out, for once my drawing skills were up to snuff.

And the front of him.

Size 1's in Munch Crunch with red mottled minky and the cute cows.

Blue mottled minky with cars panel and misty sea minky (thanks Mel) with Munch Crunch panel, hope Daddy doesn't mind the strawberries

The last of the semi-customs from before Christmas. Misty Sea Minky with Aqua Space tots and Yellow minky with cute Robots.

And last but not least, I think this one is too cute. An overdue custom with a spaceship back to match the front :)

Working now on the semi-customs from last week and then on a swap for a gorgeous mama that is expecting soon :)

If you haven't already joined my facebook group, pop along and join, details of how my waiting list will work have been posted over there for discussion. Wait list will open once Angel is back on deck :)


  1. *squeals* OMG!! you ROCK! that space ship is totally awesome! The rest are fab too :D Lucky little bottoms these bubs have :D

  2. They are so cute I 'almost' wish I had a baby in nappies still LOL

  3. I absolutely love love love that day of the dead nappy.

  4. Wow ... what a divine bunch of nappies! The spaceship is extremely cool!