Monday, January 4

Some Christmas Gifts

I made some super girly dresses for a friend's little girls.

Firstly a super twirly girly dress with mermaids and dyed poplin - made from the Make It Perfect Pinny pattern with lots more fullness added.

And here it is with the matching hat that Gilly from made for me - isn't she a doll.

And then a reversible dress from Frog Legs and Ponytails - it's the Kyla Pattern. I would change slightly how I did the hem next time, and change the rounded ties to points and make them a smidge longer, but it's very cute, with good instructions.

And here it is again with a hat from Gilly - the hats are reversible.

And oops looks like I forgot to iron the cherry side *blush*

And darn it still more, should have had a few more posts huh??

The dolly cot that Santa brought, along with the little quilt I made, thanks to lots of help from Tracy in this photo a Pint Pixie lived until she was unsurped by a gorgeous Mermaid from Stacey

My Christmas Fairy - though I think she's currently masquerading as a evil sprite!

What was left of the Christmas Cupcakes on Christmas Day - William picked out which ones we should make and they both helped to decorate them - William in particular likes the toothpaste lollies aka spearmint leaves.

And last but not least my 2 littlest cherubs, who are still happy to model Christmas clothes - Katherine is wearing a Portebello Pixie Pattern and William an Ottobre Shirt. Both made by me :)


  1. Wow. What a craft-fest for Christmas!

  2. All just lovely. You hve been very busy.

  3. Gosh they really have grown so much! Love your work as always Lesley!

  4. ohh I love the mermaid fabric outfit!

  5. Oh wow!!! You must have been flat out!!
    All gorgeous as always, Lesley, with such beautiful fabric choice.

    Your two little cherubs are looking very grown up!!!


  6. All looks amazing Lesley. Love the Christmas fairy