Thursday, February 4

Slowly, Slowly

Well the little man is back to school, so I can hopefully get back on top of things. Just some of the goodies that have gone out or are going out today. I'm also getting ready to stock for Gossamer Dreams - sneek peaks on the blog later today and then there is the nappy hunt, so I'm primarily focusing on that at the moment, so you have some goodies come March 1st. In the meantime any stockings that I do will be on the site and will be totally randomly.

Must be the week for size 1's lol!!

3 nappies for a lovely lady and her lovely little cherub. size 1 - Tinkerbelle, Bubblegum and a funky print PUL.

Semi-custom slot - Fleece Tilbrook Fairies and one of my favourite prints Red Poppies. Something extra in this parcel for the new bubba girl as well.

A layby slot, gorgeous choices, the hand dyes were dyed by Tracy at Fairy Fabrics If you want some awesome dyeing done, she's the lady to see!


  1. love looking at these photos, Lesley. The nappies are gorgeous. They're my eye candies :)

  2. Sooo gorgeous! Love the car print fabric YUMMO!! What a lucky mumma to get soo many pretties xoxoxo

  3. *gasp* I Love love love those top 3 nappies, gorgeous colours!