Sunday, February 14

What happens

...................... when things don't go the way you want when you are 3?

Well this - the grass was wet, there were ants and it was tooooooo sunny!!!

But then chocolate ice-cream was promised and we were all smiles.

This gorgeous little top is on offer tomorrow night at Gossamer Dreams - 8pm Qld time be there or miss out

And some other goodies that have gone to new homes. Loving these ones, hand dyed bamboo velour outer with funky cotton velour inners, reminds me of fruit tingles and rockmelon and summer.

This is a semi-custom that went.


  1. Oh I LOVE LOVE LOVE that top Lesley I think I am going to try and buy it for Anna. Nice work as always xo

  2. ohhh love the top lesly, I'm about to give the frida a go, I was just looking at the pattern. I'm also in love with those fruit tingles, so bright and cheery:)

  3. awww she's a doll :)

    I LOVE those fruit tingles!!! They look so soft and squishy! :)

  4. I love that kimono top Lesley! Miss K is sooo cute!

    BUT.... Are those my nappies, by any chance??? :-D (HC)

  5. Hello - nope those aren't yours, they are size 1 fitted Auriels, but yours are nearly done, just aplix to add. I'll send you an email later today. The photos have arrived and OMG they are gorgeous!!!