Wednesday, March 10

I love these .................

These are from the Gossamer Dreams Mystery Asian Auction, I think they turned out gorgeous

One is a Chinese Junk on mottled green with chinese letter on the sagey green front. The other is a Panda Bear, I quite adore him. The bamboo gave me some moment of oh my goodness what am I doing, but he turned out quite divinely I think. The bamboo leaves are hand embroidered for depth and a feature. All appliques are hand drawn by me and then appliqued on by machine but freehand, so no two are every exactly the same.


  1. I love them too, they are soo much nicer that what I would ever have been able to imagine!

    Thank you Lesley! You are a star!


  2. How divine. I just love all your nappies

  3. Now that is just showing off :P
    Love them, please post the panda to me Abbie said its alright, hehehehhe

  4. omgosh! I love pandas and that panda one is ADORABLE! Good job!