Thursday, April 22


Yes that's what's happening today - total randomness. Nappies going up at random, no rhyme no reason, I know, I know it can be annoying, but please don't sit refreshing all day - just take a chance that the universe will provide. I hope to have about 20 nappies up - most will be pre-orders, but they be out in the post by the end of next week. Some will be made up, details will be in the listing.

The ones previewing at the moment are mostly decidely girly but boyish ones are coming.

And oops look at that, some are up now :D on OZeBaby

If you'd like to combine your order if you grab 2 nappies, please wait for a revised invoice before paying.

And these little nappies went yesterday - I love how the music one turned out - it has a pink front and a chocolate back and the other jungle babies another favourite here is a weeny size 0

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  1. those are so cute!